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How to get the best start possible in your new job

Starting a new job can be an emotional time. You will undoubtedly feel excited, nervous, apprehensive and motivated all at one time. This is common so don’t worry. It is important that you make the right fist impression however. After all you are hoping to be here for a while.
Here are a few pointers to help you in the first few days:-
· Show enthusiasm and initiative. Don’t think because you are new, you should let everyone else show you what to do.  Try to get involved.
· Don’t start to change everything to your way, take some time to absorb the way things are done. There will be time to make changes when you have fully understood the reason for the current processes.
· Don’t get drawn in to office politics or discussions about other team members or managers. You need to learn who you can trust.
· Make sure you don’t abuse your privileges. You may have been allowed to use the phone in the old job to make personal calls but that may not be the case now.
· Watch your timekeeping. Remember everyone is watching you and monitoring how you act.
· Get involved in conversations, try t build relationships with your peer group, managers and subordinates.
· Show that you have and are prepared to learn about the company. You will have a lot to learn even if you have done a similar job before.
· Set up a folder to keep notes, copies of forms, job descriptions etc. You can use this to refer to for years to come.
· Ask questions and more importantly listen carefully to the answers even if you don’t agree. Asking advice is a great way to build relationships.
· Be positive and enthusiastic even when you are struggling to take it all in. There can be a lot going on in the first few days.
· Smile. Show you know you made the right decision.
· Try to use names as often as possible, it will help you to remember them and help with building relationships


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