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How To Resign

There will invariably come a time when you are required to resign from your current employer. It is really important to remember that despite the fact that you may feel aggrieved about certain aspects of your employment, you may hate your boss or you might just feel it is time to move on, one thing is very important. Ensure you leave on the best possible terms.
You obviously want the best possible reference, but you also never know what will happen in the future. People move companies all the time and imagine if that boss you told a thing or two ended up joining the company you just moved to.
Here are a few golden rules to consider when the time comes to move on.
· Rule #1: Don’t hand in your notice when you are angry or upset.
· Rule #2: Don’t feel obliged to provide specific reasons for your resignation.
· Rule #3: Do write a simple letter stating the date from which your notice period will begin.
· Rule #4: Don’t tell everyone else before you tell your boss.
· Rule #5: Inform your boss face-to-face and don’t labour on negative points about the company or the job.
· Rule #6: Don’t feel obliged to tell your boss where you are going. It is your choice whether you disclose this information.
· Rule #7: Do be cooperative if you are required to help with a hand-over period.
· Rule #8: Do try to make sure your work is up to date and organised before you leave.
· Rule #9: Do think about what you will say if your boss makes you a counter offer.
· Rule #10: Do try to leave on good terms. A good reference is vital.


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