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How to Handle a Counter Offer

When you have resigned it is not uncommon for your existing employer to make a counter offer to try to keep you. This may take the form of a salary increase, better package or a new role.
This is becoming a more common feature within companies than you may imagine. Recruiting and training a new member of staff is a time-consuming and expensive business these days and persuading you to stay can be a much more beneficial step for the company to take.
If your employer tries to persuade you to stay by offering you a pay rise equal to, or above your new job offer you should consider the offer objectively. Many people will say why did they not offer me more money before I decided to resign but did they know you were unhappy?  It is easy to assume they did but sometimes this is not the case.
However don’t just be attracted by the offer and flattered into staying. Weigh up the reasons you had for leaving in the first place with the opportunity now presented to you. You must also consider the opportunity you have been offered within the new company.
Discuss the situation with someone you can trust, who will be objective about the situation. Discuss  the pros and con’s, it is very helpful to write them down as it makes you think things through more clearly.
Never feel guilty about leaving, turning down the counter offer or turning down the new opportunity, remember this is a decision you will have to live with for a while.
Finally when you have made your mind up be professional and courteous at all times and ensure all parties are clear about your decision.


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